- S-AND sales in DE & AT
- Exclusive Christmas Ornaments
- Seasonal homeware
- Founded 2015, NL Amsterdam


Vondels Story
Discover the alchemy of timeless craft ..✨

Founded in 2015, by Loesje Donner-Raedts and Yan Xu, Vondels has been designing luxury glass Christmas decorations for almost ten years. For us, it’s all about gifting and celebrating; making memories, bringing something extra special to every occasion.
Our glass ornaments are truly first class; original, bold and daring. Vondels has everything from classic to contemporary. We create high-end luxury ornaments and expanding the range is something that we are fully committed to. We are constantly working to create fabulous gifts that add a touch of class to any occasion. To enhance an existing memory or create a new one.

Here at Vondels we pride ourselves not only on our hand made, custom designed ornaments, but also on our creativity! We dare to be different, and love nothing more than designing individual, edgy and classic pieces. When it comes to creating the best we don’t compromise, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship. It’s all about the detail and that extra bit of sparkle.
Today’s market is a busy place and sometimes our ideas and designs become so popular that they attract attention from other companies. Flattering? Yes! We’re certainly proud to be considered leaders when it comes to being unique and edgy. However, we are well aware that our customers are looking for assurance that they have bought the ‘real’ Vondels. To make this easier for those looking to buy an original, we’ve got some purchasing tips when it comes to finding your favourite decoration.

Remember, with Vondels it’s always the season to shine!

S-AND is responsible for Vondels sales in Germany and Austria.