- S-AND sales in DE
- Karlsson - Clocks
- Leitmotiv - Lighting | Furniture
- PT - Home accessoires
- Founded 1980, NL Almere
- AW24 in showroom now
- On M&O Paris

Present Time (pt, Karlsson and Leitmotiv)

About Present time

Present Time (pt, Karlsson and Leitmotiv)

Present Time encompasses three leading brands in the field of home accessories and gift items under one roof. We aim to bring not only joy but also a very personal touch to your life with contemporary design.

The history of Present Time begins in the early 1980s with the founding of a small giftware company called Kaleidoscoop. Soon, this successful small business joined forces with the company Clockwork and became Present Time, a brand that steadily gained greater recognition and popularity under the name pt. In 1999, Present Time acquired the companies Karlsson and Leitmotiv. Today, both brands, along with pt, represent the face of Present Time.

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S-AND is responsible for PT, Karlsson and Leitmotiv sales in Germany.