- S-AND sales in DE & AT & NL
- Pillows | Poufs | Lampshades
- Founded 2018, NL Zeist



Coming up july 2024

Palais is a local brand based in the Netherlands. Palais was founded in 2018 by Petra van Roon and Michiel van Heusden. At Palais we want the right choice to be a good choice, so the products are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. That is why we work together with the best professionals from India, Belgium and the Netherlands, we use materials that meet strict sustainable and ethical requirements and we constantly research how it can be improved. Simply put, we want our products to spark joy for each person designing, crafting, selling, buying and utilizing them.

Ode to the craft

We cherish good design; celebrate craftsmanship and traditional craft – a beautiful but increasingly rare piece of heritage that we would like to see preserved. By not working on an unreasonable scale, largely by hand and with local professionals, we work in a sustainable, ethical and aesthetically sound way. An ode to craft. And therefore to exceptional and beautiful things.

From fiber to end result

We double check the complete supply chain of all our products at Palais. A labor-intensive and sometimes complicated job, but in our opinion important and worth every effort. We want to be able to guarantee that everything on, on and in our products is produced fairly and sustainably.

To be able to guarantee this, we work with professionals who not only focus on fair labor, but also know where the raw materials they use for our products come from; knowing who worked on it and with it. We invest a lot of time in finding the best parties worldwide.